When guests enter your kitchen, the first thing they’ll notice is your countertop. If you feel like your cooking space could use a facelift, it might be time to look into replacing your old counter and introducing a modern and sophisticated touch. A stone countertop makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.

There Are a Few Options to Consider When Choosing the Right Stone for Your New Countertops:

Marble is a classic and relatively affordable option. Marble lasts a long time and offers a clean, simple and beautiful look. You can get it in two finishes: honed and polished. A honed finish will give your counters a softer matte look, while a polished surface will be shinier and will be more resistant to stains. If you’re considering marble, you’ll want to watch out for stains. As a porous stone, marble has the potential to trap fluids if spills are not dealt with quickly. As mentioned, having your countertop polished can prevent staining, but it will also leave your marble open to scratching. It’s also worth considering how you want your countertop to age. If you want a weathered, worn-in look, then go for honed and leave out the polish.

If you’re looking for a countertop that communicates “elegance,” then granite might be your best choice. It’s a natural beauty that can bring something special to almost any kitchen. It’s also an environmentally-friendly option, and, if adequately treated, it can be stain-resistant as well. If you’re considering granite, it’s important to think about the cost. Although it’s not the most expensive option, granite doesn’t come cheap. It is also susceptible to chipping if anything heavy lands on it. Lastly, if you’re looking for a wide array of colors, you might want to look elsewhere; granite offers relatively few options, in contrast to other materials like wood and laminate.

Of the countertop styles we’ve looked at, quartz is the most refined. The process of creating a quartz countertop includes combining the hard stone with polymers, resins, and different pigments. The result is a nonporous, reflective surface that can resist cuts and stains with ease. It doesn’t need to be resealed and makes any mess a quick cleanup.
Due to the nature of the building process, quartz tends to be more expensive than other countertops. Although it can resist knife marks and food stains, the polymers used to forge this type of counter aren’t very resistant to heat. Placing a pot of boiling water on a quartz countertop can leave a permanent ring.

The Takeaways:

• Affordable
• Can be polished or honed
• Easier to stain
• Polished surfaces can be scratched

• The classy choice
• Eco-friendly
• Prone to chipping
• Fewer color options

• Shiny and nonporous
• Allows for easy cleaning
• Not heat resistant
• More expensive than the other options


No matter which stone you choose, it’s a sure bet that your friends and family will love the way your remodeled kitchen looks.

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