Considering an Exterior Home Addition? 

Do you wish you had some extra breathing room in your house, but you don’t want to move? We hear the same stories all the time— you want more space for the kids, you need more room to cook, eat, relax, or play. You might just want some studio or office space or an area for your own craft or woodshop, but you don’t want to sell the house. At Take2 Custom Remodeling, we’ve got your back in these situations. We love working with homeowners who love their homes but need some renovations done. We’ve worked on bump-out kitchens, garage add-ons, screen porches, and sunrooms, just to name a few. Here, we’ll go over many common home additions and remodels, and we’ll address some of the pros and cons of having different kinds of additions done to your home.



A sunroom makes a great addition to any house with a view and some extra outside space. A sunroom can often be just a glass or screened-in porch with couches, plants, and coffee tables. They are one of the most picturesque ways to enhance your home and look great on the market and in media listings. In practice, they provide scenic outdoor living spaces for relaxing—during the appropriate seasons, that is.

Pros: Since sunrooms are mostly windows, they don’t disturb the architectural style of any home. You can affix a sunroom almost anywhere on the perimeter of a house and it will be aesthetically pleasing. Since they are designed for letting in natural light during warmer months, sunrooms are a great way to increase the living, dining, and socialization area of your home without spending more on lights or heating. It may be possible to build a sunroom or other open porch without hiring an electrician at all!

Cons: As the value of your home increases, your property taxes may take a slight spike, as you’ve added another room’s worth of square footage to your home. The outdoor perks of a sunroom can also be liabilities—be prepared for rugs and furniture to fade in the sun and dew and moisture to erode pillows and fabrics. Leaves and moisture will collect on windowsills and curtains. Don’t leave an antique armchair in your new semi-outdoor room or expect not to have to sweep any dead moths off the floor once in a while.

Kitchen Bump Outs

A kitchen remodel is known to be one of the best things a homeowner can do to increase the resale value of their home. A common way to capitalize on the timing of your kitchen remodel is to take the opportunity to add some bump-out space. Instead of adding another room, a kitchen bump-out is just that—pushing the wall out and expanding your kitchen. You can use the space to create a cubby or more room for cooking and storage.

Pros: Since there’s no need to build another room, kitchen bump outs require little or no work with the foundation. Even if the structure of the house doesn’t support the newly created space, it’s not difficult to work around the lack of foundation by using floor extensions. Often, your HVAC bill won’t go up significantly due to the extra area—you’ll have the space you want without worrying about heating another room. Finally, the bump-out format is a great way to get extra space cheaply. Moving a wall out a few feet is much quicker and cheaper than building a whole new room.

Cons: Sometimes, the existing walls and floors may be hard to match. Unless you have a common or easily replicated style of flooring, the contractors may have to replace the entire floor and repaint the walls to match.

Garage Additions

This might be a second runner-up for getting homeowners a return on their investments. Garage conversions and expansions, while expensive, can exponentially increase the value of a home. There are many types of garage renovation—you can add a detached garage if your property doesn’t have one, attach a new garage to your home, expand your existing garage space, or build a floor on top of your garage for storage or even living space.

Pros: Detached garages add a lot to home value in colder climates, where keeping cars indoors preserves their condition. They also provide the benefit of keeping carbon monoxide out of the house, a common issue with attached garages. If you don’t have building space next to a drivable entrance, a detached garage can be a great choice. Multi-floor garage additions can also provide space for living, storage, studio work, office space, or even renting out on hosting apps such as Airbnb.

Cons: If you plan on building a detached garage, it’s likely you’ll need to install a driveway to match. In addition, when building new structures or levels, it will be necessary to hire an electrical contractor to do the wiring for the building or apartment and install the electric garage door system.

In-Law Suite

An “in-law suite,” as it’s called, is a miniature apartment—or at least a bedroom and bathroom configuration—affixed somewhere in your house. One of the most common second-story additions, it can be constructed above the garage, built as an addition on a home, detached from the home, or worked into sheds or outbuildings if there are any on your property. In-law suites can be used for a number of things. Many families choose to build one if they find themselves in a position to be a caretaker to a disabled or elderly relative, or they may simply want an independent guest bedroom for visitors. In-law suites can also be rented on Airbnb and are perfect for other short-term living arrangements.

Pros: Whether an in-law suite is appropriate for your family’s needs and lifestyle depends heavily on the circumstances. However, a separate living area will increase the value of your home whether you plan on making use of it or not. It can also be a more financially efficient choice than looking for a new home when your household size changes. In-law suites can be used for anything you might want separate living space for. Many families have members who work in professions in which entertaining travelers and other guests is necessary, or they may want to host exchange students and workers.

Cons: Adding an entirely new living space will require consultation with your homeowner’s association, and you’ll have to adhere to stricter city zoning regulations than if you were just adding a room to your own home. This is because you’re technically adding another home—albeit a small one. Unlike a shed, this requires the construction to be up to living code with the proper permits in terms of electricity and plumbing, and it may influence the way your property is classified by the city.

Exterior Additions Increase Your Home Value

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to add to or remodel a part of their home. Some homeowners have specific needs for their families, whether it be room for more children, the ability to host parties and large gatherings, or accommodate someone with a disability. When you’re building a new piece of your home to meet your wants or needs, you’re also increasing the permanent worth of your property and can see significant returns—often as much as 80% on your investment! Additions and renovations will be factored in during refinancing time on your mortgage, and with higher home value, you’ll hold proportionally more equity. 

Take2 Custom Remodeling has Years of Experience!

When you are commissioning something that’s built to last, you want the best professionals to do the work. At Take2 our goal is to get your home additions or exterior renovations just right. We make sure that the new structure fits aesthetically into your existing home and complies with best practices for construction. To understand why we live up to our reputation, you need only look through the number of satisfied customers giving testimonials. Our team of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, granite slab specialists and tile setters have been working all around Warrenville for more than 20 years, and we’re always proud to leave our work in people’s homes when we pack our bags on the last day.  The good news is, with the right contractor, you can have your cake and eat it too.


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