• Dust Mitigation and Tips for an Allergy-Free Kitchen Renovation - Although many people associate allergies with the outdoors—thinking of seasonal triggers—indoor allergens can make life miserable all year. You can go inside to escape from pollen and ragweed, but your home may contain allergens too, including dust and dander. Allergies and asthma can be triggered by common items found in the house. Renovating your kitchen
  • Bathroom Remodeling From Practical to Luxurious! -   Whether you want to create a luxurious spa experience in a small space or add upgrades to modernize your bathroom with practical space-saving ideas, Take2 is here to help. Even if you’re short on space, bathroom upgrades can transform a half-bath into a decadent master suite. Step back and determine what you’re hoping to
  • Get Your Home Ready for Fall! - Being proactive about exterior home maintenance saves you plenty in terms of money and headache. Seasons love to play havoc on your home. From wood expansion in wet weather to UV-exposed shingles and siding in hot weather, there’s a lot of push and pull that goes on with your home’s building materials. As the days
  • Choosing Mindful Home Renovations - Return on Investment, or ROI, is a measurement of the efficiency of an investment. For renovation aficionados everywhere, a good ROI is the holy grail of home improvement. Who doesn’t want to beautify their home and recoup some of their hard-earned money in the process? If you’re looking to refresh your home and earn back
  • Outdoor Living Spaces are On The Rise - Creating an outdoor living space is on the rise in the US Outdoor living is becoming an increasingly popular trend all across the United States. Many homeowners are adopting this outdoor living trend by adding decks or expanding their existing deck space. Decks are also becoming larger and more elaborate. Homeowners are showing more interest
  • Take your Kitchen from Average to Extraordinary with a Custom Backsplash - A great way to give your space an updated, modern look is to install a backsplash! No matter if you’re fully renovating or simply want to upgrade your kitchen, putting in the perfect backsplash is the starting point for a beautiful result. Not only will renovating your cooking space make you happy, but every time
  • Which Siding Material is Best for Your Home? - When you look at your home, its most prominent feature is its siding. New siding can help you increase your property value while creating a more beautiful home. There are a lot of attractive material options available to help improve the exterior of your home. Choosing the best siding for your home can be a
  • Exterior Home Additions - Considering an Exterior Home Addition?  Do you wish you had some extra breathing room in your house, but you don’t want to move? We hear the same stories all the time— you want more space for the kids, you need more room to cook, eat, relax, or play. You might just want some studio or
  • A Finished Basement Will Add Value to Your Home - A basement can be so much more than a place to store unused exercise equipment and old lamps. It can be a lounge for entertaining guests, a space for pursuing hobbies, or even an additional bedroom! Once completed, basement renovations add value not just to your property, but to your life as a whole. However,
  • What to Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen - There are few things that can transform a home as dramatically as a kitchen renovation. Sleek modern cabinets, gleaming new appliances and countertops—they’re a quantum leap from the old kitchen that once was.  It sounds like a dream come true, but then you hear the stories of homeowners who failed to plan ahead to make


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